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Welcome to CordX

Simplifying the way you share your online media, files, and links with your friends, family, and loved ones.

About Us

You're free to be different

CordX is a free image, file and short link service based heavily around the open-source tool known as sharex together with the help of this amazing service we are able to provide our users a quick, effective and simultaneous solution for sharing their uploads with their friends family and loved ones from all over the world. We provide everything you need to be you including: management tools, custom domains and more.

Customizable Experience

Bring your own domain

If you ever get tired of using our boring old domain we even allow our users to easily setup and bring their own just add our custom cname to your cloudflare registrar and you are good to go! check out our docs for more info.

Best Pricing Around

The best part is its free

We never have and never will charge you to use our services they are free and open to anyone who wants to use them. And that is a guarantee that we pride ourselves in keeping!